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What is ACE?

ACE Is An Automation Tool For Software Engineers

ACE is the Automation tool for software creators, what we like to call an Intelligent Solution Generator or ISG. If you spend a lot of time bringing to life ideas for software, ACE will be the most useful tool you will ever find. ACE will allow you to capture the way you write software, and automate it to the point where you can move through small and large projects with no effort.

So take your code, convert it into AIPlates, then as you do projects you can re-use those AIPlates and ACE’s intelligence to create native custom code for each project.

No more, will you have to force your ideas into a framework or someone else’s idea of how things should be built. Create custom system, code, faster than using any framework or platform available to you for your solutions.

ACE is a software tool designed for programmers to help them automate the way the create software.

ACE captures the way you create software, and then helps you by doing all to work, as if you were the one typing it out.


How does ACE work?

Best way to understand how ACE works, is to look at the key steps and efforts you have to take in building systems. Consider your focus, your thoughts and your ideas. ACE counts on the fact that you as a technical person have a strong understanding of structured programming and engineering. The reason is that ACE needs your structure to use in its process of creating code.

So ask yourself, how do you create software? Well that’s the way ACE does it. I know that sounds a little “magical” but think of it this way. If you have a structured way of creating code. That means, you have a standardize way of creating ORMs, UI, UX and Business Logic, then ACE takes those settings in from you, and allows you to port them from project to project to automate the creation of the code you need. Things like standard naming conventions; Robust CRUD layers; Custom ORMs which meet your solutions needs; Sophisticated UI and UX.

The best way to understand ACE is to understand how software programs are created. In simple terms, ACE takes the bits where a programmer would have to take a bunch of time in coding out what is needed, and automates them. Things that a programmer would have to do that are repetitive and time consuming.

ACE Components & Screen Shots
  • AIPlates


What kind of project is ACE best for?

ACE combines data capture, and code automation to accelerate your creative processes.

ACE is well built for most development projects. Having said that, if you are new to ACE, its power shines the brightest when you use it in the process of creating a new project. The key to using ACE is that you have a structured way of coding the different components you want to build. What this means is that with ACE you can work on web, mobile, desktop and much more.

Here is a key though. Once you have created a few projects and get your base AIPlates to work optimally, then you will see clearly how ACE can be used to update and maintain projects as well.

The key ACE’s ability to also provide a huge amount of support and help to programmers in updating and maintaining software, is again how the solution was structured and architecture in the first place. As you know understand ACE generates actual code files, so in simple terms if your file system for your projects are done right, all you have to do is regenerate your code.

But what about code that has been modified or fine tuned out-side of the AIPlates in ACE. What happens to those changes? Yes this is currently a weakness in ACE, but we do have a solution in the works. We are nearly complete in integrating ACE into source control systems like GitHub, TFS, SVN and others. Once we have this complete, more complex updates and changes will automatically sync with the generation engine of ACE.

ACE is designed to work on any project. Yet, when you are new to ACE, it serves you best in the process creating a new project. From there as your projects increases you will find it easier to both create and update.

One key weakness in the generation portion of ACE is its ability to detect changes in code after it has been generated. This is known and we already have a solution that is being completed. Once completed ACE will be able to detect changes automatically and update code as needed.


What kind of developers use ACE?

Do you program? Do you create new applications or systems? Do create these systems or applications in a structured way? Then you are an ACE developer.

So no matter what language you program in, C#, VB.NET, Java, Php, Ruby, Objective-C, Swift, ACE will help you code better, larger and faster. Actually, any text based language can be put through ACE. As all of this is great, the key to your success

ACE is for any programmer who has a structured way of creating code and software. In short, ACE takes your way of doing things and replicates it for you.

If you could automate this work, how would you do it?










Watch an ACE demo

In this short video the founder and inventor of ACE - Paiman Allage, will provide a short overview of ACE and walk through the functionality of the software. This is from Beta 1 Release, Beta 2 Release Will Be Available Shortly.