ACE helps automate software creation by taking in key settings. First at the individual project level, it captures settings for the project. Data, Screens, Navigation, and Process. At a global level, ACE works with you to standardize the way you (as the individual programmer, or an IT Department) like to have code created. This is code for CRUD operations, ORMs, UI, and much more. Expanding across all the different platforms you support, iOS, OSx, Windows, Linux, Web, Mobile.



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Aries team members each have decades of experience in multiple complimentary sciences. Experienced in Solutions Engineering, Software Engineering, Data Sciences, and Software Programming. Over the years and driven by the pain, the pain that all of us as IT professionals have either witnessed or experienced first had, motivated us to create ACE. First for our own use, and just recently after an overwhelming volume of requests made ACE available to the general public.

As programmers, we all have experienced at one time or another the “IT pains”,

  • High expectations, low budgets, low resources, and short time line,
  • Unstable environments and erratic requirements,

We all know these and countless others,

It’s these pains as well as many we can’t mention here which drove us to find a way to introduce automation into our programming and software creation processes.

It’s because of this, we say “A programmer tool, designed and built by programmers!”